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How To Wakesurf with Austin Keen

Are you a new wakesurfer? Or a boat captain with beginners on your boat? Look no further than this comprehensive guide to wakesurfing, featuring professional water sports athlete Austin Keen! In this video, Austin shares his years of experience and expertise with a beginner wakesurfer who has never tried it, walking you through the basics of wakesurfing, including how to stand up on the board, how to position yourself on the wave, and how to maintain your balance. But that's not all! Austin also provides valuable tips and tricks for teaching others how to wake surf, whether you're a seasoned pro looking to help a friend or family member get started, or a beginner instructor looking to build your skills. So if you're ready to hit the waves and learn the exhilarating sport of wake surfing, join Austin Keen in this informative and fun tutorial. With his guidance and your determination, you'll be riding the wake like a pro in no time!

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