Innovation in Shaping Surfboards Since 1985

"It's what you can't see that matters"

With EPoly, it's what you can't see that matters. EPoly construction is a traditional PE polyurethane blank glassed with Epoxy. With all the emphasis on “new technologies” in regards to surfboard cores, glassing techniques, carbon, etc., that is going on in the marketplace today we offer a simple glassing technology that provides surfers with a better product that performs at a higher level and extends the life of the surfboard for a minimal additional cost. 

Epoly - Epoxy on PU blank - Rusty Surfboards


EPoly boards can be up to 10% lighter than the traditional PE construction depending on the size and volume of the board. EPoly boards are livelier and maintain their flex patterns much longer than PE, this is because polyester resin will get harder and brittle with age while Epoxy has an elasticity property to it.


EPoly boards are stronger than PE and don’t ding or dent as easily as PE, hence they are much more durable. Epoxy has better bonding properties that add to the strength and extended flexing characteristics of the board.


There is a “green” component to the epoxy resin. From a consumer’s perspective EPoly will last much longer which not only extends the life of the board but gives it better resale value should they choose to sell it.


Epoxy resin on a polyurethane blank results in a board that is whiter, brighter and doesn’t yellow to the extent of a traditional PE board. Also, Epoxy is known for its higher bonding capabilities overall. An epoxy’s relative strength can hold up to 2,000 lbs. per square inch, while a polyester resin can hold less than 500 lbs. per square inch. We’ve been building Epoly boards for years and with more and more positive feedback we feel it’s the optimum direction for resilient yet affordable surfboard construction.