Innovation in Shaping Surfboards Since 1985

Meet our shapers

Rusty Surfboards has a longstanding reputation for building high quality performance driven surfboards. Rusty Preisendorfer heads up his team of established innovative designers and shapers that includes Rick Hamon, Hoy Runnels, Pedro Battaglin and Clint Preisendorfer. Working collectively these craftsmen continually strive to refine the Rusty shapes and designs to the highest level of quality and performance. Each Rusty model produced has been researched and tested before being released to our customers. Our boards are handcrafted by our shaping and glassing teams made up of individuals who all excel at their craft. You can rely on the crew at Rusty Surfboards to build your next board and know without a doubt who shaped it.

Past Shapers

  • Mike Russo
  • Darius Gross
  • Scott Raisbeck
  • Terry Goldsmith
  • David Barr
  • Stu Kenson
  • Steve Barto
  • Roger Beal
  • Chris Christenson
  • Chris Borst
  • John Carper
  • Bill Johnson
  • Hank Warner
  • Art Collier
  • Roy Sanchez
  • Bill Shrosbee
  • Greg Sauritch
  • Bob Yinger
  • Luke Moore
  • Aido Wheeler (current AUS)
  • Mick Button
  • Greg Laurenson
  • Dave Parmenter (wonderful person. I taught him basics.)
  • Johnny Cabianca (one summer 20
    years ago.)
  • Peter Lawson (South Africa one
    summer 25 plus years ago.)