Volume Estimator

The best surfers in the world might, might feel a half a liter difference in their shortboard. Please give us a little wiggle room on your preferred volume. Anything less than a half a liter…forget it.

The equation for performance shortboards is fairly simple.

Take your weight in pounds example; 160
Convert to kilos; divide by 2.2 equals 72.73
Multiply by .35 Equals 25.45 liters
The multiple comes from thousands of shortboards for average to advanced surfers.
A 1 liter difference on a 50 liter board is 2%. The average persons body weight fluctuates 6 pounds daily. 175lbs? 3%.

As the ability level decreases, the multiple increases.

With age, the multiple increases.

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Volume Estimation Chart

This volume chart is a loose recommendation. It is not gospel. So many factors go into calculation. Size; Age; Ability; How often you get to surf; Main goal; Cruise? Have fun? The most important thing is that you trust your shaper. I have 50 years and over 100,000 boards designed and shaped. I am looking out for your best interests.