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Half n Half

The idea behind the Half n Half technology was to blend the safety of a soft top board and the high performance capabilities of our EPS construction. We start with a ¼” stringer foam blank (hydrophobic blank), and we epoxy laminate top and bottom to give structural strength and a responsive flex pattern. We cap the rails, nose and tail in PE foam to add a safety element for both the rider and to also avoid nose, rail and tail dings. The deck is laminated with an EVA top skin and integrated tail kick to keep your feet from slipping. The end result is one wake board that fits all, great for the beginner rider, but packs in all the high performance capabilities an experienced rider demands.

Why Half n Half?

Our Half n Half hybrid technology is an excellent solution for wakesurfers who are looking for something beginner-friendly, that also allows for high-performance wakesurfing. The EVA foam deck and rails are buoyant and add a safety element for wipeouts. You also won't have to worry about getting dings on your rails or deck. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced wakesurfer, you're sure to have a blast with our Half n Half tech wakesurf boards.

Doesn't absorb water

The EVA foam deck and rear kickpad cannot absorb water. This means the board does not require wax and has added float. It's a great safety deck for beginners. Easy to clean and weather resistant.

Added Buoyancy & Safety

The PE foam rails offer soft rails for beginners and the boat. PE foam also adds buoyancy. Half n Half features a double-sided glassed core (just like a surfboard blank with foam deck and foam rails) - for strength and durability.

Strong core

The Half n Half tech features a wood stringer foam blank. This makes for a very buoyant, strong core, just like our surfboards.

Genuine Futures fin boxes

Our Half n Half boards utilize Futures fin boxes which are among the highest performance surf fins on the market and are widely available with multiple style options.