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Hoy Runnels

Hoy Runnels - Rusty Surfboards Profile

Hoy Runnels is from San Diego and grew up near San Diego State University. Hoy's passion for shaping began as a result of his desire for a new surfboard at a low price. Surfboards were expensive, costing around $100, so Hoy took matters into his own hands and started building his own boards, igniting his journey into the world of shaping.

His journey started in Imperial Beach, CA where he honed his skills in ding repair and worked alongside esteemed shapers like Geoff Logan and Richard Joelie at Wind N Sea Surfboards. In 1966, Hoy spent a summer at Wind N Sea before venturing out to work with Nick and Barry Miranda in 1967/68, where he delved into glassing longboards with unique features like swallow tails and twin pins. As his skills flourished, Hoy ventured into glassing and eventually began shaping his own models for friends.

In 1968, Hoy found himself joining the renowned G&S (Gordon and Smith) Surfboards, a prominent San Diego brand that would become his professional home for almost two decades. G&S served as a hub for shaping expertise. Hoy's tenure at G&S helped him refine his craft while collaborating with fellow shapers, including working with Gary McNabb at Nectar and engaging in side gigs at South Coast Shaping.

In the early '90s, Hoy embarked on a new chapter, joining forces with another influential figure in the industry—Rusty Preisendorfer. Since 1994, Hoy has been an integral part of our team, lending his shaping skills and expertise to contribute to the brand's exceptional lineup of boards. His unwavering dedication and commitment to shaping have resulted in an impressive tally of over 40,000 boards shaped throughout his illustrious career. Hoy's shaping bay has always been an inclusive space, welcoming aspiring shapers and nurturing talent. In his early 20s, he extended a warm welcome to a young Clint Preisendorfer, further solidifying his impact on the shaping community.

Hoy prefers shaping longboards, combining classic style with high-performance characteristics. When it comes to surfing, Hoy's favorite wave in San Diego was Law Street. Nowadays, he's at Torrey Pines.

Beyond the shaping bay, Hoy has a diverse array of interests and hobbies. He finds joy in antique collections and restoration, especially Tiki-themed artifacts. His enthusiasm for craftsmanship extends beyond shaping, as he imagines a parallel life as a skilled cabinet maker.

Hoy Runnels' legacy in the world of shaping is defined by his exceptional craftsmanship, unwavering dedication, and the countless surfers who have experienced the thrill of riding his boards. From team riders like Jim Hogan, Charley Kuhn, Gary Keating, Rusty, Sam George, and more, his influence has been far-reaching.

If there's one thing Hoy knows for certain, it's that shaping surfboards is not just a profession but a true calling. If he weren't a shaper, he would find himself expressing his creativity and mastery through cabinet making, a testament to his innate passion for crafting and creating.