Innovation in Shaping Surfboards Since 1985

Rick Hamon

Rick Hamon is a highly skilled surfboard shaper with an impressive 56 years of experience. Rick grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas and started surfing in 1964. Fairly soon after that he became interested in surfboard shapes and started stripping old boards and reshaping them.

In 1967, Rick got his first real job shaping at Loe Surfboards in Port Aransas, TX. Rick and friends would take trips to So-Cal to see what the "Big" surfboard builders were up to. During one of these trips, Hurricane Celia decided Corpus Cristi and surrounding areas would be a nice place to spend the rest of her life. Loe Surfboards was destroyed. Like most surfers would do, Rick began to travel, to mainland Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central America and finally North San Diego county working at "Surfing New Image". While there Rick fortunately worked with Donald Takayama and Ben Aipa. Later working for Channin Surfboards, including working with hero Mike Diffenderfer. In 1988, while working at Channin, Rick met Rusty and started shaping his boards. Now Rusty can't get rid of him!

Since then, Rick has designed numerous models, including the Dwart, Dozer, Hustler, Rooster, and many others. Each new design presented a fresh challenge and allowed Rick to tap into his creativity.

Over the years, Rick has embraced a wide variety of shapes and designs, constantly experimenting and refining his techniques. While he doesn't have a signature design style, Rick has always been drawn to egg-shaped boards, appreciating their versatility and enjoyable ride. Early on, he drew inspiration from influential shapers like George Greenough and the Campbell brothers, who inspired him with their innovative hull and bonzer designs respectively.

Outside of surfboard shaping, Rick has a deep passion for motorcycles and cars, always finding joy in tinkering with them. This interest keeps him connected to the world of speed and mechanics, fueling his creative drive.

With a wealth of experience and a dedication to his craft, Rick is grateful for the opportunities and friendships that have enriched his shaping career. He looks forward to continuing his work, shaping boards that bring joy and excitement to surfers around the globe.