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All Time Cloudbreak from Jojo Roper & Mick Davey's Perspective - Fiji March 7th 2024

JoJo Roper at cloudbreak

Our team riders, Jojo Roper and Mick Davey were both on Tavarua Island for the swell that recently hit on March 7th, 2024. Mick Davey was working as a boatman on the island when the swell hit. Meanwhile, Jojo Roper, the swell chaser, sent a last-minute strike mission to the island (pictured above). 

"Cloudbreak, the best wave on earth! That day was perfect! Bombs coming down the entire reef rifling big barrels. Hit some amazing waves and a very bad beat down on a wipeout followed by 6 more waves to the face after that so you had to earn them! But what a day, glassy giant tubes with a great crew of friends in the water trading off. Tavarua, the most magical place on earth."
-Jojo Roper 
Mick Davey at Cloudbreak
"I saw the swell a few weeks out and I thought wow it could get really big and good but predicting that far out, it could change. I got down to Fiji and the forecast still stayed the same and a couple of pros flew down I kinda knew it was gonna be something big. I didn’t have a big enough board for what the forecast was saying so I had to look around the island and found this 7’8 Rusty and I said to myself this will work. I kept telling myself that whatever happens happens and not to stress out.

The day before the swell I went out to surf and my stomach was turning and I was just overthinking a lot of stuff, I just wasn’t feeling good but got a couple fun waves to help boost my confidence.

The morning of the swell I just felt calm and told my self I’m here, let go, go out and try to get something. I watched it for a while, it had a weird bump on it so I waited then saw a couple waves going underneath the pack. I thought it’s now or never so I slowly got ready and got in the water. I sat under the pack of guys and this wave came to me so I spun and had a super late drop and got to the bottom and bottom turned and saw the lip about to land on me so I jumped off. In my head I was like damn I blew that wave so whatever wave I get next I’m pulling in no matter what. I sat for a while and saw this wave that looked like a medium size one that no one wanted so I spun on it and it had an easy drop but looked like it was stretching out. So I grabbed rail and held on for my life and it worked out."
-Mick Davey