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Avalon Perfects the Stringer Curl

Shaping runs in the family, the Preisendorfer family that is. Clint Preisendorfer, son of Rusty P., has been shaping many of your boards over the years and his sister Avalon, daughter of Rusty, has been in the shaping room for years watching her pops do his thing as well. She has picked up some of the craft and has a natural ability and talent for shaping. Recently, Avalon was in the shaping room and achieved a stringer curl so perfect, US Blanks refers to it as achieving "Rapunzel-status."

Achieving Rapunzel status is a "bravo to the shaper who kept his blades sharp, maintained a steady hand, and lucked into some straight grain" says the boys over at US Blanks. In this case, the shaper was a "her" and she did her pops proud.

Congrats Avalon on achieving Rapunzel Status with this ribbon curl!

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