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Battle Of The Board Riders Huntington Beach- Recap

The La Jolla Board Riders participated in the West Coast Board Riders event, Battle of The Board Riders hosted by Jack’s Surfboards in Huntington Beach. With a fog delay and some small conditions La Jolla still managed to bring the good spirits. We waited it out, grabbed some Banzai bowls and stood by for the call. Around 12:45 the comp was on! La Jolla’s team consisted of Jacob ‘Zeke’ Szekely, Skip McCullough, Tiare Thompson, Remy Juboori, and Coach Warren Zvtina; with the Rusty Marketing team by their side, Mackenzie Baldwin and Ryan Willson. They made it to the semis with a buzzer beater from Remy Juboori. With a big celebration after the first heat, they definitely know how to bring the hype. This crew is always a fun time. 

This year Rusty Surfboards is sponsoring the La Jolla Board Riders. It is always good to support your local surfers! It has been so fun having the community come together and attend these events. Rusty is focusing more on their community with sponsoring local events and activating their Grom Program. They are offering stock grom boards at $495 to anyone 14y and younger. In the last oceanside events their grom Team Rider Shiloh Page led the 14U division into their win! We are STOKING OUT THE NEXT GENERATION! 

The Board Rider events are always fun because you run into friends from the industry. It was good to get together and have some friendly competition. Thank you to the West Coast Board Riders and Jack’s Surfboards for putting on this event!