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Clint Breaks Down the Panda Model

Here Clint Preisendorfer tells Hansens Surfboards about the 2015 Panda Model.

This is what William Cardoso, aka Panda , rides in competition. Panda is a heavy surfer, 200 lbs, yet very powerful, throws buckets of water on every turn. He needs something to float him but still be a high performance surfboard. Good amount of rocker combined with a expressive single concave plus a kick in the last 3 inches of the tail; All that combined enable William to go vertical in tight arcs.

The board has a curvy outline, a pronounced bump and a not-so-wide squash. The rails are tapered to sink in the water for powerful turns, keeping the thickness at the center with an accentuated dome deck. For waves waist high to double overhead.

Check out the Panda and learn more about it here.