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Josh Kerr’s Asymmetrical Teahupoo Quiver

SAN DIEGO, California - After shaping an asymmetrical board (with the help from Rusty himself) for the 2015 Billabong Pro Tahiti that was later donated to charity, Josh Kerr wanted to have an entire asym quiver on hand for the 2016 event.

About a week before the event Rusty shared the finished quiver on social media and buzz about the quiver was everywhere. Rusty captioned the photo “Josh Kerr's quiver. 5 boards all asyms. 5'9 to 6’0. The brighter boards are Epolys. The longer ones have rail channels and the inboard rails are harder and lower. The outboard rails are softer.

See Surfing Mag’s chat with Kerr in Tahiti before the event discussing the quiver below.

And, if you’re wondering if the quiver actually worked, Kerr just bowed out of the event with a Quarterfinal finish…so yes, it worked well!