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Noa Deane // 10 Questions With Surfline

While on a recent trip to California, Noa Deane and his legendary pops Wayne caught up with the guys at Surfline for a chat about who inspires him, his current board set-up and where he thinks high performance surfing is headed.

Here are a few highlights from the interview below:

Who do you think is doing the best airs right now?

John John for sure. The way he lands takes so much talent. He always seems to land in a good spot. I feel like I do it sometimes, but maybe one in ten waves. John John is more like nine out of ten. He's always landing in a good spot and it looks so smooth and stylish. He does bigger airs than everyone else too. I think he's definitely the best. I bet when his movie comes out, it's going to be mind-blowing.

You've been working on a movie too, right?

Yeah. I've got one coming out with Kai Neville. I've been working with him and Rusty. It's a movie of Kerrzy and I in West Oz, and then all the stuff that didn't make it into Cluster. It's pretty gnarly. I think the video is coming out during the US Open. It should be pretty sick.


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