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Noah Hill's Latest Edit "Momentary Pleasure" Out Now


STAB just released Noah Hill's latest edit, Momentary Pleasure. If you saw his last edit, Casual Threat, then you know what to expect - and it's safe to say, Momentary Pleasure does not disappoint.

Check out the full edit above.


Curious What Noah Was Riding?

"What is a What?? The What? is Rusty’s version of your standard high performance shortboard. It will perform best in shoulder high to well overhead in better conditions with waves that have more power behind them. The What? has a somewhat narrow nose that travels into a mildly curvy mid-section and then to a slight, elongated bump just after the rear of the front fins in the tail. The overall rocker is fairly aggressive to allow for maximum performance and top to bottom surfing. The bottom is where this board starts testing the waters. It starts off in the tip flat and rapidly deepens into a single concave, this gives the board a lot of speed. At the mid-section, it reduces in depth and then develops into a shallow, slightly hooked, double con, then a slight vee off the tail to allow for rail to rail transitions. The What? is what you’re reaching for when you want maximum performance out of a board whether you're doing turns, airs, or hunting tubes." - Rusty

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What Else Was Noah Riding?

"For the Model 8 we added more rocker, which translates into quicker and shorter arc turns. This board surfs a great variety of conditions from punchy beach breaks to long points. The deck is flatter, creating more natural flex and paddling power, yet making the board more sensitive with a lower center of gravity. A bit fuller nose helps transitioning through flatter spots and dead sections but not compromising the lip attack. If you're in the market for a board that is fast and loose, the Model 8 is the board for you." - Rusty

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"The SR-71 is the fastest manned jet ever built. Blackbird is its nickname. Based on that concept, we designed this board to cover ground quickly. Developed for the bigger days chasing down peaks in open waters and battling currents, it is the perfect wave-hawking weapon. It features added volume, an area-forward outline, lower entry rocker and a light vee in the nose, allowing it to paddle into anything, even in the toughest of surf conditions. With a slight single- to double-concave bottom running through the fins and rounded pintail, the Blackbird delivers smooth transitions and fast, clean lines. A heavy hitter for any arsenal." - Rusty

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