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Pama Davies Reviews the Twin Fin


The Rusty Twin Fin - Designed by Rusty Preisendorfer, road tested by Pama Davies in Indonesia.

Rusty Surfboards team rider Pama Davies provides the most in depth and comprehensive review of any surfboard you'll ever see or read. He covers ideal wave conditions, goes in deep on what kind of 'toobes' you can acquire with the craft as well as the levels of speed you can obtain on it.

Grab a cool drink and sit back and watch these clips. If this doesn't make you want to buy a Twinny I don't know what will.

About the Twin Fin

“Starting with a template Rusty used in the 70's & 80's while working with Shaun Tomson as his base Rusty refined the bottom with the addition of a shallow single concave that feeds into the vee. The vee splits into a double in front of the fins and runs off the rail behind the wing. The position of the wing, the back of the fin in conjunction with the concave exiting through the wing makes for solid firm turns. The foil in the rail line is very similar to a modern performance shortboard.”

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