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Rusty Surfboards Releases The Chew Toy

Photo: Tim McCaig

SAN DIEGO, California - Rusty Surfboards is excited to announce the release of their first 2017 model, the Chew Toy. An addition to their alternative board line, the Chew Toy combines the latest surfboard construction technologies available with a hybrid chassis that incorporates elements of modern performance designs. The result is a perfectly blended hybrid that works in a variety of conditions for a wide range of surfers.

Shaper’s Concept

Utilizing a stringerless EPS core, carbon fiber and the latest Epoxy resins available The Chew Toy features state of the art surfboard construction technology. The grab rails add longitudinal structural strength that combined with the glassing schedule results in a strong yet light, lively and highly maneuverable machine. The shape of the Chew Toy features a high performance rail with additional rocker when compared to most alternative shapes, this allows for later, steeper drops and more maneuverability in the barrel. The tail features additional curve in the outline and are pulled in slightly for better holding capabilities. All of this makes The Chew Toy the ideal “step-up groveler or hybrid”, as it will handle a much broader range of waves and conditions than most other boards in those categories.

“The Chew Toy is a load of fun,” exclaims Rusty Preisendorfer, head honcho over at Rusty Surfboards. “The idea with the Chew Toy was to make it user-friendly in both medium and smaller surf,” Rusty continued.



Features and Benefits

The deck configuration allows room to pack in some additional liters for better paddling proficiency, and the tighter tail template and additional rocker when compared to traditional grovelers improves the performance. The key to The Chew Toy’s improved performance is the alternative materials and construction; the use of an EPS core, epoxy glassing, carbon and its rail architecture gives the board progressive flex thru the nose and tail while maximizing torsional flex. This multi-plane flexing creates a positive lively feel that sets it apart from anything else.

Ideal Wave Conditions

The Chew Toy is excellent in waves from 3 foot to 1-foot overhead. It excels in tighter beach break waves and loves an open face. “For me the Chew Toy was the ultimate small wave weapon,” said team rider Kevin Schulz. “The stringerless EPS foam gave it so much spring off the bottom and into the lip while the short length of the board allowed incredibly tight carves in the pocket. This will be my go to board for anything under shoulder high!”

“The Chew Toy has a ton of speed, nice rail to rail transition which surprised me the type of waves it worked in. Rights, lefts, small steep waves, mushy waves it just worked,” said Matt Keenan. “It’s great everyday every surfer type of design.”

The Chew Toy is now available in select Rusty Surfboards surf shops and is available for custom orders. For more information on the Chew Toy including, dims, specs, photos and videos, please visit

Photos: Tim McCaig

About Rusty Surfboards

Rusty Preisendorfer shaped his first surfboard during the winter of 1969/1970. The years that followed were full of study, practice, experience and testing. By the 80's the world began to take notice of the innovation coming out of Rusty's shaping and by the end of '84 more than half of the top 16 surfers were getting boards from Rusty. Since that time creation has continued to flourish from Rusty's hands and his brand continues to grow and expand globally.