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Top 5 Rusty Surfboards of 2014

On the last day of the year, we thought we'd give you a peek of what the Top 5 Rusty Surfboards of 2014 were. In no particular order we have:

The Dwart 


This board literally walks on water. Better yet, runs on water. We’re talking easy paddling, a fast ride, effortless glide, and lip blasting vertical capabilities all packed into one board. The Dwart takes the basic elements of a modern fish and fuses them with a few high performance design techniques to take it to the next level. You want a board that does it all? The Dwart is the best yet.


The Rooster


The Rooster came about because of a “what if “conversation with some of the team. It was loosely based on the Hustler. We changed the outline, rocker and venturi configuration, so that the board would fit better in rounder waves but still retain its performance in everyday surf. P.S. it was named after an enormous Jersey Giant Rooster who claims every morning…. loudly!!!


The Kerrosover


Part of the Kerrlection series, this is Josh’s go to competition board. Built for conditions the World over, from point breaks to beach breaks and everything in between. The Kerrosover has a single concave bottom, a performance rail, and Kerra’s performance rocker. We have added volume under the chest for extra paddle power, as well as a little width overall so Josh can execute his arsenal of maneuvers. Derived from the Jokerr DNA the Kerrosover is built to go!



Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Watercraft Testing Federation? Winged Tail Fish? What The F*#%? Who Thinksofthis Freakinstuff? Who knows, but this board is designed from a little bit of everything over the years. We mixed a late 70’s twin fin outline with a hull from the late 80’s (light concave in the midsection going into a light vee through the fins and off the corners). Thinning out the nose gave it a 90’s foil with a relaxed rocker on both ends. Also put a touch of today’s modern rail on there, which is moderately full with a firm tucked edge in the last third of the board. The winged swallow out the back provides good drive off the bottom with a quick release off the top. Built with a 5 fin option for maximum versatility, the WTF excels in knee high average surf, up to quality overhead.

The Blackbird


The SR-71 is the fastest combat jet ever built. Blackbird is its nickname. Based on that concept we designed this board to cover ground quickly! Developed for the bigger days chasing down peaks in open waters and battling currents, it is the perfect wave-hawking weapon. It features added volume, an area-forward outline, lower entry rocker and a light vee in the nose, allowing it to paddle into anything, even in the toughest of surf conditions. With a slight single to double concave bottom running through the fins and rounded pintail, the Blackbird delivers smooth transitions and fast, clean lines. A heavy hitter for any arsenal!

2014 was an epic one to say the least and we can't wait to show you what we have in store for 2015!

Happy New Year from all of us here at Rusty Surfboards!!