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Johnny Norris landing an air on the SD Dark Arts
Johnny Norris landing an air on the SD Dark Arts

Why Dark Arts?


Carbon Fiber is fast reacting and creates spring, unlike traditional fiber-glass cloth. The result of this natural rebound is speed.


Hand crafted, vacuum bagged, carbon fiber cloth, over 2lb EPS stringer-less foam, for optimum, flex, weight and durability. Dark Arts continues to redefine the limits for how surfboards are shaped and constructed.


Dark Arts aims to make a surfboard that feels good under your arm and creates a product that sits in the lighter category of most constructions available on the market. They're not just focused on writing a new chapter - this is an entirely different book.

Dark Arts

Dark Arts began in 2019, founded by veteran board builder and surfing purist, Justin Ternes. Inspired by innovation and quality, he's rethought the process of crafting surfboards. As a result, Dark Arts offers the lightest, strongest, best-performing construction on the market.

Assembled in our hometown of San Diego, CA these American-made products are shaped and then glassed with a refined carbon-fiber vacuum bagging technique.

Dark Arts is reinventing the way surfboards are made and perform so that the board you ride today is the board you ride tomorrow.

Construction Explained

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