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Camp Shred 2023 Recap

Camp Shred at the San Elijo State Beach Campgrounds this past weekend was a blast. This event is the biggest free demo in the world, where we showcased some of our most popular models. We brought The Lowrider, The What?, The SD, The Dwart, The Hatchet, The Express, The Egg Not, The Not So Moby Fish, The Miso, The 419 Fish & more. It is always a fun experience watching people test out our boards. Demos are great because you get to test out different models without the commitment of buying a new board. It was great meeting up with friends in the industry and listening to local bands play music, The Saline Solutions and Drug Hunt killed it. 

The surf was 2-5ft, perfect to highlight our mid-lengths and alternative boards. The mid-length surfboards were a hit with beginner and intermediate surfers transitioning from a longboard or soft board. The advanced and intermediate surfers that usually shortboard, were surprised how fun the Lowrider, quad fin and Express, twin fins were. The Moby Fish and the Not So Moby Fish were favorites for their paddle power and fun outlines. Our shortboard model highlight was The SD, unsurprising because it is designed for breaks in San Diego. We had many Grom board models coming in and out through the weekend and stoked out every kid with Rdot stickers. We are so grateful to Surf Ride and everyone who stopped by and tried out a Rusty surfboard. Stay tuned for our next demo event! 

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