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Code Red II Raw Clips


Code Red II Swell Hits San Diego 

After a few weeks of mediocre summer waves, Southern California enjoyed a couple days of well overhead surf courtesy of the Code Red II swell. Here are a few raw clips of the Rusty Surfboards Team enjoying the swell around home. 

What Was Everyone Riding? 

Zeke, 5'8 What?

"What is a What?? The What? is Rusty’s version of your standard high performance shortboard. It will perform best in shoulder high to well overhead in better conditions with waves that have more power behind them. The What? has a somewhat narrow nose that travels into a mildly curvy mid-section and then to a slight, elongated bump just after the rear of the front fins in the tail. The overall rocker is fairly aggressive to allow for maximum performance and top to bottom surfing. The bottom is where this board starts testing the waters. It starts off in the tip flat and rapidly deepens into a single concave, this gives the board a lot of speed. At the mid-section, it reduces in depth and then develops into a shallow, slightly hooked, double con, then a slight vee off the tail to allow for rail to rail transitions. The What? is what you’re reaching for when you want maximum performance out of a board whether you're doing turns, airs, or hunting tubes." - Rusty

Shot The What? HERE


Mick Davey, 5'8 SD

"For the last 5 years it has been one of our most popular designs. It is offered in the original dims, and Plus dims. The Plus dims are the ones more commonly used." - Rusty 

Shop the SD HERE.

Jojo Roper, 5'10 Slayer 

"The Slayer is designed as a step-up with four inches taken off at the front end. The wide point is now two inches forward of center instead of two inches back, giving you a little longer rail line yet more control for those tight pockets. It also has a touch of width to the center, a little fuller nose, and relaxed rocker. This combination allows it to paddle well, make drops, and fit into the barrel." - Rusty

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