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Josh Kerr Catches Up With The WSL

Josh Kerr celebrates after his win at the Todos Santos Challenge. | Photo: WSL / Rich Hallman

SAN DIEGO, California - After his big win at the Todos Santos Challenge earlier this month, Josh Kerr caught up with the crew at the WSL (World Surf League) and did a Q&A with them on everything from his biggest accomplishment in life, to his favorite non-competition board and to the last time he cried. Here are some snippets from the interview:

WSL: What's your favorite non-competition board?

JK: 5'5 Rusty fish

WSL: If you could do one thing over, what would it be?

JK: I need hundreds of those do-overs! But I wouldn't change a thing because it makes you who you are today.

WSL: What's the biggest problem facing humanity?

JK: I have a lot of faith in humanity and I believe that 99.9999 percent of people try their best to be the best they can be. But I do hate thieves!

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