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Josh Kerr Into Round 3 At Pro Portugal

Today, Round one of the Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal kicked off to less than ideal conditions. With wind and rain being present the past few days, the boys were forced to get in the water due to a minimal forecast in waves on the horizon.

Our boy Josh Kerr was in heat 11 of round one against big man Bede Durbidge and rookie Dion Atkinson. Wearing the red jersey, going into this heat Kerrzy was the favorite to take the win. With unpredictable conditions and a heavy bump on the waves, Kerrzy was in third place, comboed with only ten minutes remaining in the heat.

Durbo had a nice lead over the pack with a pretty solid total of 14 points when Kerrzy got a gem of a barrel, earning him a 7.90 and putting him right back into the game. With five minutes remaining, Kerrzy only needed an easily attainable 6.10 to take the win from Bede. With patience in mind, Kerrzy waited and ended up getting a sick little wave where he did two solid turns and finished it up with a nice little air reverse. Kerr earned a 7.23 for the wave and took the lead with just two minutes remaining.

Winning this round one heat pushes Kerr straight through to round three, possibly being on for tomorrow. Check out the heat in it’s entirety below. #gokerrzy #ourkind