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Josh Kerr To Compete in BWT Chile Event

Instead of hitting up the Oakley Lowers Pro and groveling for waist-high waves with three other dudes grinding it out on the 'QS, Josh Kerr switched gears and took a last minute trip down to Punta de Lobos, Chile to compete in the Quiksilver Ceremonial Big Wave Tour event. Surfer Mag caught up with Kerrzy on his way to the airport and got in a quick five questions with him:

How’d a WSL Tour guy like yourself end up getting invited to the BWT event in Chile anyway?

Pete Mel (BWT commissioner) has always said that there’s an invitation out there for WCT surfers to come ride some big waves. He called me up and said that there was a spot open after Slater pulled out and I thought, “Well, alright, here we go.”

Have you even surfed Lobos before?

I’ve been to Chile before, but I’ve never surfed that wave. I got an email saying that event should start in the morning on Thursday and be a little slow at first, but there will be 25-foot screaming lefthanders by the final. So that sounds, um, pretty cool [laughs, a bit maniacally]. Sounds like it will be an interesting day.

What’s your arsenal look like?

All I’ve got in my quiver is a 9’0” and a 10’0”, so I’m bringing those. Well, I’ve got an 11’0” at the factory, but the thought of even taking that thing out scares me.

To read the rest of the interview, see it on Surfer here.

We're stoked to see Josh push his surfing and compete in this event. Congrats on competing in the event Kerrzy!