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Letty Mortensen and Jacob 'Zeke' Szekely just competed in Stab High. Starting off the comp, Day 1 was insane! Zeke landed a Judo Air Reverse. With a score of 39 points, he stayed in first place for a while with that maneuver. Letty landed a Stale Fish Air Reverse. This put Letty in equal 6th place in the Semifinals.

It was so entertaining to watch all the aerialists in the comp give it their all. Letty ended up getting out in the Semis and Zeke proceeded onto the Final. Zeke went on to entertain the crowd with his shenanigans, letting his personality run the show. Withholding a previous bet, he gave one of his heat waves up to Shaun Manners where Shaun put on Zeke's board shorts and borrowed his Rusty Surfboard granting him one more wave in the contest.

Next up was the Finals, where Matt Meola was in the lead but gave everyone two bonus waves for a chance to steal the win in honor of the progression of surfing. This really turned the comp around and upped the excitment for surfers and viewers. Zeke ended up in 4th place with a score of 32, only 1 point behind Albee Layer, then Matt Meola at 34 points, and Eithan Osborne took the win. 

Even though Zeke took 4th Place he took 1st Place in entertainment, he truly won over the crowd. The announcers were pleasantly surprised that he could back up his claims with his scores. At the end of the day, no one is having more fun than Zeke! We loved watching Letty and Zeke having an absolute blast while supporting each other. Thank you to Stab Magazine for an awesome event.  

Jacob was riding his Epoly Underdog in the Final. Watch the full Stab High replay.