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Nic Vaughan Enters Into WSL Big Wave Tour

SAN DIEGO, California - Southern California native and all around awesome dude Nic Vaughan has gained entry into WSL's Big Wave World Tour for this next season. Vaughan is a San Diego State University graduate and bypassed the 9-5 job to follow his dreams of surfing big waves all over the world.

Nic has been working very closely with Clint getting his quiver dialed in for what's expected to be an insane winter full of massive swells thanks to our friend El Niño.

"Clint and Rusty dialed me with an amazing quiver this year with the intent of taking full advantage of this "Super El Nino" everyone is patiently waiting for" says Nic. "The boards continue to evolve and we've fine tuned specifics here and there to create the right tool no matter what the job may be this winter. The line up is as follows: 8'6", 9'0", 9'6", 9'10", 10'2", and 10'6"."

Nic continues, "I am very excited about the 9'0", an experimental board Clint and I created. We compressed the equivalent volume of a 9'6" into this board, creating a stealth, paddle-monster with less length so it can put into steeper, hollower take off spots such as the Mavs bowl. Some complimentary features that make this board extra special is that we've put a carbon fiber strip up the stringer for added strength, as well as incorporated the beveled hand grips to pull some foam out of the rail, which helps it come off the bottom better. The change in the curve via these hand grips also adds strength which is an added bonus as we've tried to make this board as bulletproof as possible. It doesn't hurt that Millennium Foam incorporated an inch of extra thick blonde spruce wood for the stringer."

Nic is a confirmed competitor in the Jaws and Todos events, and he is an alternate for the Oregon and Spain event as well. The waiting period is now open for these events and we're stoked to have team rider Nic Vaughan following his dreams and charging on R.'s.

"I've been training hard, preparing for whatever this winter throws at us, and am excited and can't wait to catching some life changing waves on these magic boards. It's on!" says Nic.

Keep it up Nic and we can't wait to see you riding some beasts this winter!