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Noel Salas Tests and Reviews the Rusty Twin Fin

“One of the things I noticed about the Rusty compared to the other 3 boards was that it is the most polished.” Noel Salas is back with another board review, but this time it’s a bit different than his other reviews. It’s a 4 part series called the “Twin Fin Pool Party” where Noel puts 4 different shaper’s twin fin models to the test at the BSR Wave Pool, one of the model’s being Rusty’s signature Twin Fin model. The dims he was riding were: 5’7 x 19.25 x 2.16 25.5 L. After testing and comparing all of the models, here’s what Noel had to say about the Rusty Twin Fin:

"It's light, it's quick, it's got that pop and projection getting into the lip quick.”

“Top to bottom, frontside and backside, it had great drive. It was the smoothest and had the best flow.”

“It had a quickness in the transition that I really liked.”


Check out the full series on Noel’s YouTube Channel: Surf n Show Reviews.

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