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#PutNoaInRio | Surfing Mag

SAN CLEMENTE, California - Surfing Magazine has recently been calling out the WSL and campaigning for certain athletes to be given wildcards into the next couple events in the season. First they campaigned for Clay Marzo to be given the wildcard for Fiji and now they’re campaigning for Noa Deane to be given the wildcard for the next stop on tour in Rio. With so many of the athletes out for injuries and slots opening up, we ask, why not?

See the article from Surfing Mag HERE.

If you wanna see Noa in the next WSL event in Rio share the news and hopefully he’ll get the invite. Until then, we’ll continue to enjoy watching him get weird and inverted through his free-surfing.

To see Noa’s signature board the Sista Brotha, click HERE.