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Real Watersports Chew Toy Review

Our friends at Real Watersports on the Eastern Coast of the US have just published a lengthy review filled with details on what they think of our new model, the Chew Toy. Here are a few highlights:

‘The Rusty Chew Toy has a light, performance feel to it. A lot of the time, the boards we test are standard PU/Poly, so having a lighter, stringerless EPS/Epoxy board got us all fired up for the added performance. We got to ride this board in a bunch of different conditions knee high up to head high. The Chew Toy paddles and catches waves beyond its volume numbers.”

“The outline and foil of the Chew Toy create a confident feel both paddling and surfing. The board slips through the water really easily. The added paddling and wave catching ability get you into the wave early. Once you’re up, the thinner rail engages quickly allowing you to harness the power up high on the wave. This added speed, plus the speed on tap from the flex of the stringerless blank, give you a lively, fast feel.”

“It’s cool that Rusty pushed higher tech with this model. There’s so much to gain in average surf conditions by going with a lighter, livelier construction. In conditions where you’re having to generate speed, having a lighter, flexier board is a huge advantage. Rusty’s EPS/Epoxy construction is proven, with lighter weights and added durability compared to PU/Poly.”

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