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Real Watersports Reviews The 2016 Smoothie

East Coast based dealer Real Watersports have an insane amount of gear to choose from but not only that, they take the time to review the gear they sell to give you the best description possible for the product so you, the consumer know if the product is suited for you. With our newest release, the 2016 Smoothie, Trip from Real Watersports just released an in-depth and highly detailed report of our newest release and gives you his take on how the board performs and what/who it's best suited for. Here are some highlights from his review:

"The new Rusty Smoothie is a winner with a forgiving, wide range of use for different size and power surf. The smooth round tail outline struts its Rusty Slayer DNA, while the additional width, flatter rocker and foiled rails are all Piranha based. Whether it be the outline, the rocker, the bottom shape or the rail foil, the Smoothie touts a very clean line and its performance shows in a variety of conditions.

"Easy" boards that bounce at speed are no fun. The thinned down, foiled rail of the Smoothie keep it engaged at speed when pushing the limits of its performance. The board paddles great in open water allowing you to confidently track down set waves, even when you're surfing 2nd and 3rd bar breaks. The roundtail gives the board a smooth, connected feel through higher speed turns and also feels great in the barrel. Even when the waves connected all the way through to the beach, resulting in the wave shrinking in size by more than half, the Smoothie stayed loose and performed a variety of different radius turns really well."

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"Overall in better/bigger surf, the Smoothie is a very confident, easy to surf board that raises wave count and overall session performance. It's not as loose as a shortboard or as confident as the Slayer on maxing sets, but it is a really confident blend that allows you to charge good waves on a board you actually get to surf a lot. The ability to surf your Smoothie a lot will also lead to more confidence when the surf jumps up and you have to charge.

If you're looking for a clean lined, good all around hybrid board for below average and better surf. The Smoothie will follow in the path of Rusty's proven, popular performers and become one of their best selling boards."

To see the full review, more photos, and to purchase the Smoothie from Real Watersports,  CLICK HERE.