Innovation in Shaping Surfboards Since 1985

Rusty and Clint Celebrate Roger Hinds

Photo: Chris Sardelis

Last Saturday afternoon Rusty and Clint Preisendorfer, among many others veterans in the surf industry, gathered to celebrate the opening of a new factory for fellow shaper Roger Hinds. Roger is one of the few remaining surfboard craftsmen that built his name brand, Roger Hinds Surfboards, along with Country and Bear Surfboards from start to finish single handedly. Roger also provides specialized glassing services for us here at Rusty Surfboards.

"The depth and breadth of Roger’s abilities is amazing. It is a joy to behold this level of craftsmanship and attention to detail from start to finish. Roger is an expert when it comes to all phases of surfboard construction". -Royce Cansler VP Sales of Rusty Surfboards.

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