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Rusty Featured In Surfer's Journal

The Big Man: How Rusty Preisendorfer- Data-Minded, Art-Underpinned, and Boldly Ambitious- Made His Marque 

Surfer's Journal (issue 31.4) recently published a piece by photographer and longtime friend of Rusty Preisendorfer, John Durant. The article, which features interviews with Rusty, friends, and other legends in the surf industry, highlights Rusty's life, his journey to becoming a world-renowned shaper, and the impact that he has had on the world of surfing.

Check out a few sneak peaks of the article below.

"Template-checking and comparing notes with Shaun Tomson in the shaping room at Canyon, 1982. It was Rusty's working relationships with former world champs Tomson and Peter Townend during that period- and, just around the corner, future world champ Mark Occhilupo- that would propel the shaper's signature into a globally recognized brand." - Surfer's Journal

"What was really cool about Rusty was that he drilled into something that he loved, which was shaping and design and all the details, and he got deep into it. He didn't care about the money or any of that; he was just purely focused on what he was doing and learning." - Jeff Divine, photographer

Check out the full article in issue 31.4 of The Surfer's Journal, available today.

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