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Rusty Preisendorfer Introduces Muffin Top

Rusty Preisendorfer, head shaper and visionary behind Rusty Surfboards introduces the brand new 2016 model the "Muffin Top" and goes into detail about his design of the board. With 2016 just around the corner, we're proud to officially announce the release of the highly anticipated 2016 model, the Muffin Top.

The Muffin Top is a board that will maximize your fun on sloppy days while serving you well when the conditions clean up. We've cherry picked the past to combine a proven full outline, boxy rails and clean curve to produce a maximum planing area design. Our lowest rocker vehicle, this is a wide squash with corners. The flat deck and angular rails pay homage to the "surf skates" of the past, but the modern bottom combination of a light roll in the nose, with a single to double concave that ends with a light fee off the tail, gives the Muffin Top everything necessary for a modern approach to groveling.

The Muffin Top is AVAILABLE NOW at Premiere Dealers in the US. The Dealers are:

East Coast:





West Coast:








    • Rusty Boardhouse in La Jolla


For more info on the Muffin Top and to see the dimensions and volume chart, click here.