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Rusty Presents “Pulp” Starring Noa Deane


A recent hard drive raid has gifted us a glimpse into the world of Noa Deane, Gold Coaster, fabulous straight air junkie. Inspired by skate parts so full of bangers that re-watching is an absolute must, Pulp is the new Rusty short by Noa and filmmaker Shane Fletcher, a greyscale assault of deep (and often thick) tubes, wonderfully unpolished rail surfing, and the boned straight airs that Noa has made his signature.

Mr. Deane is a polarizing character in surfing, but he makes it hard to be a non-fan, not only with the fact that he’ll talk shit with absolutely anyone (and do it well), but also with his raw and relentless attack on a wave. Pulp is a culmination of this attack over the past few months, an unapologetic work that’ll achieve the aim of making you wanna surf.