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Secret Aerial Techniques From Josh Kerr

Photo: Jimmicane

CARLSBAD, California - For those of you who have trouble pulling off an air fear not, you’re not alone. Surfing just released a little write up with some tips on aerial techniques with none other than Mr. Josh Kerr.

Here’s a couple highlights from the article:

Surfing: For someone who is learning to do airs, how would you explain this little technique (the comp stomp) to them?

Josh: It’s just extending and compressing your knees and getting centered on your board, so that when you launch of the lip you’re not gonna flail and lose everything. What I always tell people about doing airs is that you need to pay attention to your speed when approaching the lip. You see a lot of people race race race race, and by the time they hit the section they’re losing speed. The biggest thing is timing, because you actually want to be gaining speed as you’re approaching the lip. The acceleration helps you punt and stay over your board.

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