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Six Shapers Selected for Rusty Tribute

We mentioned previously that the master himself, Rusty P., will be honored later this year at the annual Boardroom show in May and the six shapers to honor Rusty have been selected and announced!

The Tribute will take place May 16-17, 2015 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in California and there will be an "Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-Off" where in the six shapers selected will compete in a shape-off to try and re-create the classic Occy '84 model that we re-released this year.

The six shapers who were selected to compete in this shape off are: Stu Kenson (San Diego), Ward Coffey (Santa Cruz), Tim Stamps (Seal Beach), Chris Christensen (Cardiff), Dave Parmenter (San Luis Obisbo), and defending champ Roger Hinds (Seal Beach). "These six craftsmen can shape their way out of a street fight," stated Preisendorfer, The Boardroom 2015 honoree. "It's going to be fun watching them go at it. Go ahead, make my board!"

Here are the rules for the shape-off:

- Six shapers will each receive 1.5 hours in the shaping bay as they attempt to replicate a classic Rusty Preisendorfer shape: Occy '84 Model

- Each shaper will bring in his own tools; blank and the outline template will be provided

- Shapers will only be able to measure and/or handle the board during the allotted 1.5 hours in the shaping bay - which is strictly timed

- Rusty, along with son Clint, will judge the anonymous blanks

- Winning shaper receives $1,000 and their name etched on the Mike Marshall Perpetual Trophy alongside past winners Ricky Carroll, Pat Rawson, Marc Andreini, Wayne Rich, Matt Biolos, Ward Coffey, Stu Kenson, Matt Calvani and Roger Hinds

The tradeshow is open to the public and tickets are only $10 bucks and kids 15 and under will be allowed in free! We hope you guys can come down and help honor Rusty! See you there!