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STAB HIGH JAPAN - Featuring Letty Mortensen and Jacob "Zeke" Szekely

"Stab High is an atypical surf contest "mostly in the air" that celebrates the many different arts of flight. Rather than having competitors connect relatively similar directional changes for a score, they'll have to put all their chips on the table. This game is all about single maneuvers in the air. In 2024, Stab High will take place at Perfect Swell Shizunami, Japan, on June 22 & 23 (June 21 & 22 in USA). This year, we’re excited to announce three divisions: Pro, Ladybirds (15-and-under girls), and Bottle Rockets (15-and-under boys). Additionally, the Monster Air award will be up for grabs without limitation to any division! They'll all face the Perfect Swell Shizunami's "High Ball" air section and have several chances to land their best airs. By our estimations, we'll see 48 personalities expressed in the form of different grabs, rotations, altitudes, attitudes, and styles." Read more from Stab.

Team riders Letty Mortensen and Jacob "Zeke" Szekely will be sending it on their Rusty's. Jacob's and Letty's favorite models right now are the Underdog and What?.

Tune-in online on 6/21 and 6/22 as a premium member, join a Watch Party (list below) or get in-person tickets.

Watch party locations:


– Best Pizza Cardiff
– Best Pizza Mira Mesa
– Best Pizza Vista
– Best Pizza Carmel Mountain
– Best Pizza Oceanside
– The Cup
– Park 101
– Shoots/Bottlecraft
– Nautilus Tavern
– Poseidon Project
– Hamburger Hut
– Corner Pizza Leucadia
– Birdrock Surf Shop
– Claremont Surf Shop
– South Coast Surf Shop
– Mitch’s Surf Shop
– Atacama Surf Shop
– Rip Curl Pacific Beach
– Killer Dana Surf Shop
– Laguna Surf and Sport


– Pitts Pub
– Sunset Cantina
– Bearing West
– Victory Hall
– Underdogs Too
– Lost Marbles Brew Pub
– Palm House
– The Junction
– NorCal Surf Shop
– Aqua Surf Shop
– Proof Lab
– O’Neill Surf Shop
– Killer Dana Surf Shop
– Laguna Surf and Sport

Competitors include:

Chippa Wilson
Ian Crane
Harry Bryant
Noah Beschen
Julian Wilson
Matt Meola
Mikey Wright
Noa Deane
Robbie McCormick
Luke Swanson
Mason Ho
Kaito Ohashi
Julian Wilson
Oscar Berry
Micky Clarke
Shane Sykes
Ivan Florence
Shun Murakami
Eli Beukes
Levi Slawson
Dakoda Walters
Shaun Manners
Albee Layer
Hughie Vaughan
Joel Vaughan
Parker Coffin
Masatoshi Ohno
Jake Kelley
Sheldon Paishon