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Stab In The Dark: Rusty Preisendorfer

Stab in the Dark was just released a couple of weeks ago and gained a lot of attention in the surf world. As a basic summary, Stab Magazine gets one of the best surfers in the world (this year it was Dane Reynolds) and has the best surfboard shapers in the world shape a board for the surfer to see who’s board is the best. The twist? No-one knows who the surfer is until the project is completed and the boards that are shaped have no logos or branding on them so the surfer has no clue who shaped the boards he rides. Pretty interesting stuff. See the film here.

In the process of the feature from Stab each shaper was interviewed, including our very own Rusty Preisendorfer. In the behind-the-scenes feature, Rusty dives into his thought process on making and shaping the board for the mysterious surfer. “I think I might have overthought it,” noted Rusty. “The original directive said it was for a top surfer, 190 pounds, and the shooting would take place in Durban, South Africa and I thought, well, it’s probably Jordy [Smith], although it sounds a little bit light for Jordy.”

With this in mind, Rusty took the Yes Thanks model, a board from Josh Kerr’s signature line, and “puffed it up” a bit since the surfer was a bit taller and heavier than Kerr. Have a look at the interview with Rusty and learn all about Rusty’s thought process, the board design and more being featured on Stab right HERE.