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STAB Takes the Keg for a Joyride

In STAB Mag's Joyride series, Mikey Ciaramella takes out different boards for a 'joy ride' and gives them a proper review. In their latest Joyride piece our very own Keg model is put under the microscope.

Here are a few highlights:

"I brought the board where I’ve always been most comfortable: beach breaks. It was love at first right."

"The Keg was fast, responsive, stuck to my feet, and even covered the flat sections. All the trepidation I’d had about burying the nose or losing the tail dissipated immediately, and a session in average waves turned into one of my most connected surfs in recent memory. It felt like I’d taken one of those Limitless pills. I could do anything anything I wanted, from a hard carve to a controlled finner to a few baby airs."

"The Keg is an incredible surfboard in the right conditions. Nothing too steep, nothing too round, but not mushy either. It’s not quite a performance blade, but it’s far from a groveler."

"The Keg thrives on a B+ day at your local beachie but can handle two standard deviations in either direction. Just make sure you pack some proper fins."

"An absolute perfect beach break shortboard."

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