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THE KEG - Surfline Board Review

"...the best all-around, high-performance surfboard I’ve ever ridden off the shelf." 

Surfline's Lincoln Eather recently reviewed The Keg, Rusty Preisendorfer's collaboration with pro surfer and power surfing aficionado, Wade Carmichael. The Keg he tested was 5’10” x 19.5” x 2.5”, 30.5L.

Here's what Lincoln had to say:

"In a word: Wow. Speed, power and flow. If I were looking to match the WSL criteria to a surfboard, the Rusty Keg would score in the excellent range every time."

"Plenty of juice through big carves and enough zip to get around tricky sections. Plenty of drive. And the transition from bottom turns to top turns with speed was surprisingly seamless for an average surfer like myself."

"With a great balance of volume and turnability, it goes in just about anything."

"Most pro models I’ve ridden took a lot more effort to get used to. The Keg is one you can hop on and rip without much of a probation period."

"...the Keg is one model that will allow you to cover a huge base of conditions and still enjoy your surfing."

"The biggest drawback is you’ll probably get addicted and neglect the rest of your quiver. I definitely recommend it."

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