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Switchfoot Bro Am Recap

This past weekend the Rusty Team competed in the Switchfoot Bro-Am in Encinitas, CA. It was a fun and heartfelt community event supporting their foundation’s mission to impact the next generation through the power of music, art, surfing, education and practical help.

Surf contest

Our team consisted of Rusty team members Leah Pakpour, Mick Davey, Noah Hill and Rusty Marketing dude, Ryan Willson. We competed against the Famous Surf Team and were barely defeated with the closest team totals of the day. The Bro-Am format is unique, each surfer is scored on two waves: one regular and one switch stance, with accumulated team scores. Noah Hill finished the day with the highest scoring switch wave. Everyone at the contest was amazed at his ability torip switch. We look forward to a rematch next year.  

Noah Hill reverse at Moonlight Beach, Encinitas

Leah Pakpour volunteered for the adaptive surf heat. It was so inspiring to help out with this heat and share the joy of surfing with people who might not have the ability to surf on their own. It was a highlight of the day for sure!

Adaptive surf group photo

Lastly, our Chief of Marketing and Team Manager, Ryan participated in the infamous Joust heat. The participants paddled out on foamies with costumes, helmets and had to knock eachother off the wave with a foam stick or football tackle. It was hilarious! They took off on party waves and the last man standing took the win. Ryan came out on top a few times, surviving most, but not enough of the party waves. It was an amazing event with awesome vendors and great music. Make sure to check out the event next year! 

Silly surf event
Surf board with jersey Adaptive surfJousting surf eventFamily surf event

Adaptive surf event