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Talk To Your Shaper Board Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to the winner of our #TalkToYourShaper custom surfboard giveaway, 44 year-old Richard Neal of Jacksonville, Florida. Richard was randomly selected out of all of the entries received and he will now be able to order a custom surfboard of his choice shaped by one of our six established shapers here at Rusty Surfboards.

Richard has been surfing for 32 years, more than half of which we're stoked to hear has been on a Rusty. "I'm completely stoked and very thankful!" said Richard when we asked him about his thoughts on winning a brand new board. "Rusty has been my board choice for a long time. In fact, it's the only brand my kids really know. Winning this new board means I'm planning a nice surf trip very soon! Thank you!."

Richard is a regular at Micklers (Crossroads) and Crescent Beach in Florida and hopes to someday move to Rincon, Puerto Rico to be as close to Tres Palmas and Steps as possible.

Here at Rusty Surfboards we're beyond stoked to be able to give a custom board as part of the Talk To Your Shaper Campaign. Congrats again Richard, let's get your new board built!

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