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The Blade Chosen by STAB for Boards to Ride in 2020


SAN DIEGO, California - Last year we released the Blade, our high-performance descendant of the legendary 1984 model that we did with Mark “Occy” Occhilupo. The board has received raving reviews from our team and is a must-have in your quiver.

After reviewing the board in 2019, STAB shared their thoughts on the board. Now in 2020, the crew at STAB Mag has listed the Blade as one of Five Surfboards You Should Ride In 2020. Here's a peek at what they said:

"By the time we filmed this Joyride, the Blade had become one of my favorite boards of the year in small-to-mid-sized surf, primarily for its ability to fit anywhere on the wave and exit with speed. The channels also gave it extra hold.

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