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Tiare Thompson Wins Live Like Zander Jr. Pro

Photo: WSL / Nichols

Bathsheba, Barbados - San Diego grom and Rusty Surfboards team rider Tiare Thompson just clinched her first WSL Junior Pro in Barbados at the Live Like Zander Junior Pro event. Thompson, who resides in La Jolla, won the event in the dying seconds as she caught a mid-sized wave to the beach and got the score she needed to back up her high score of a 7.0.

“I saw this inside wave that looked really good,” said 17-year-old Thompson, recalling the moment. “There was a minute and a half left and I just thought, ‘This is the wave.’ I catch it and rip it so hard, riding it all the way to the beach. I come in with 50 seconds left and just hear the announcer go, ‘Tiare Thompson gets the score!’ It was almost surreal feeling.”

Photo: WSL / Nichols

Thompson was riding a custom Yes Thanks model during the event.

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