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VOL. 2: East Coast / Noah Schweizer

Hurricane season for an east coast surfer is always our favorite time of year to be home. This year we had more named storms since 1936, unfortunately some were deadly and took out lives and thousands of homes.

Its always a risk when going into a hurricane. You could always play it safe and stay away or you can chase it and hopefully stay out of harms way and score up the coast.

This year I tried to be there for as many storms as I could, from my hometown in New Smyrna Beach, FL to the Outer Banks of NC and all the way up to New Jersey for one of the early winter storms. It was a good run of surf and whenever I can get good waves over there, nothing really compares to it.

Hope you guys enjoy this clip & thanks for watching.


Filmed by

Nate Colburn

Lagne Stratton

Taylor Curran

Nate Leal

Corey Frank

Matt Catalano



By Chromatics

Courtesy of Italians Do It Better