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What is Team Quinn?

Adaptive surf event

Team Quinn is a San Diego non-profit serving the disabled community and their families. Their mission is to celebrate, encourage, support and share the richness and purpose that people with disabilities contribute to our human experience and our personal communities. Quinn Waitley is a young woman who was born with cerebral palsy and is a quadriplegic, using a wheelchair to get around most places. She was introduced to sports at a young age and grew up playing adaptive basketball, rugby, and soccer. In 2013, Quinn fell in love with adaptive skating and surfing and the people she met along the way. Surrounded by positive, fearless and like-minded individuals, Quinn gained a new perspective and confidence in living life with a disability. Quinn’s family embraced her love of surfing and came alongside her as “Team Quinn” to help support her in the water.

The organization continues to be inspired by Quinn. They host amazing adaptive surf events in San Diego throughout the year. Attendees and volunteers are always all smiles.  We are so stoked that Team Quinn helps others enjoy the ocean, at Rusty we share this goal. The events are so organized and well put together, volunteering is easy. Rusty team members and staff love volunteering.

Events like these are truly what surfing is all about! Nothing compares to sharing the joy of the ocean. To support Team Quinn, we have an auction going on until October 6th, bid on a custom surfboard and consultation with Rusty Preisendorfer. 

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Adaptive Surf event

Adaptive surf event