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Alliance Wake Reviews the 2022 Snaggle Tooth

Alliance Wake's Cole Vanthof recently had the chance to test and review our 2022 Snaggle Tooth high performance wake surfboard. Cole rode the 4'6" with a thruster fin setup and had some good things to say about the board while also breaking down the design, who the board is best suited for and more. Check out the full review of the 2022 Snaggle Tooth in the video above. Below are a few highlights:

For me this board was kind of the money maker. It wasn't too fast, it wasn't too slow. Carving this thing does exactly what you want it to do.

Cole Vanthof riding the Snaggle Tooth

This board is made for everybody. It can be really aggressive but also if you're a beginner it's not going to be a hard board to ride. Everyone is going to have a good time on this board so I will recommend it to anyone that wants to try it. 

Cole Vanthof lifestyle

Simply put, the board did everything well. Fun to carve, easy enough to pop, providing the tools to ride at an elite level, all while being able to be enjoyed by anyone that wants to give wakesurfing a go. 

Cole Vanthof riding the Snaggle Tooth

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