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Alliance Wake Reviews the 2022 Urchin

Alliance Wake's Cole Vanthof recently had the chance to test and review our 2022 Urchin high performance wake surfboard. Cole rode the 4'4" with a thruster fin setup and had some good things to say about the board while also breaking down the design, who the board is best suited for and more. Check out the full review of the 2022 Urchin in the video above. Below are a few highlights:

If a fast and responsive wakesurfer is what you are looking for, then look no further than the Rusty Urchin.

alliance wake 2022 urchin review

What we found was that this board, even in smaller sizes, provided plenty of speed while being able to pop and carve with no problem. 

alliance wake 2022 urchin review

Another reason to consider the Urchin is its performance on smaller wakes waves. If the wake your boat generates is less than ideal, the added speed this board provides would make this a contender. 

alliance wake 2022 urchin review

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