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Rapid Entry

Rapid Entry - Rusty Surfboards 

Rapid Entry is a concept Rusty started working on in 2020.


"I usually put the deepest part of the concave between the feet. “The Sweet Spot.” “The Zone.”

I experimented with making the concave deeper in the center.

Then started moving it forward.


I thought what if…


So, I moved the deepest part of the concave into the entry area.

Under the chest.

Added more tail rocker.


The What? was the first Model.

Very deep in the entry.

  • -.35
  • -.25 in the center
  • -.15 in the Zone.


Feedback was unanimous.

Paddled faster.

Got into waves quicker.

Held on turns yet still had a tight arc.


I blended it a little more. Gradual.

-.35 -.30 -.25

Better results.

I have since done various depths on different existing models.

The SD RT RE has been highly rated by our team and customers who have either tried or purchased one.

The deepest part of the concave, in the entry, is .22 +-

“Best board ever!”

It even works on longer boards, up to the mid to high

7-foot range.

Same concept, just shallower.

The Lowrider has also been very well received with a subtle Rapid Entry.

By having the deepest part of the concave in the entry, it feeds and keeps the water under the board early on and generates more lift and speed and drive.

I believe this is a big breakthrough and it’s going to be a game changer."

- Rusty Preisendorfer