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A Chat With Ollie Henry / STAB Feature


Recently team rider Ollie Henry competed in the Surf100 event at North Point in Australia where he snagged the wave of the day. Below is a peek of a chat with Ollie and STAB Magazine about the day, as well as what else he's been up to since Surf100 was filmed a handful of weeks ago. Check it out:

So, about the comp, were you waiting out the back before the 'heat' started?

I paddled out at sort of the same time as the boys did. From the very start I was just sitting out the back waiting until 'that' wave came.

Do you think it's the best wave you've had at North Point?

It was definitely the biggest wave I've had out there. I wasn't that deep or anything on it though, so I could've rode it better. I've had smaller waves that were maybe better, but this was the best wave I was on.

What's the plans for the rest of the year?

Trying to get another clip together but that depends on the waves we get. If it's pumping and I surf well, should be done soon, if not then it might be a few more months or next year. Been riding the boog a little as well [laughs]. When it's been really offshore and small, sometimes it's more fun to surf a little novelty on the boog than standing up.

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