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Central Coast Surfboards - Dealer Highlight

Central Coast Surfboards


We stopped by Central Coast Surfboards in San Luis Obispo, CA to ask them a few questions and highlight our central coast hot spot for Rusty boards. CCS has been open for 47 years, seasoned veterans over here. The shop is in an awesome location in the heart of Downtown SLO on Marsh street.

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They carry multiple different models in their store, currently they have The What?, The 419 Fish, The Heckler, and The Miso. The Miso is their current top seller, a perfect board for the Central Coast. It's a great groveler for everyday conditions, especially the windier junkier days up north, but it can also handle good surf when the breaks are really working. When we asked the shop team rider what boards he was currently on, Brendan Rattigan said “all Rusty all the time”, he has been riding the 419 Fish and The Hustler. When asking about their favorite spot they said “we can’t talk about it, haha” sounds about right. Their last closing words were “Rusty boards look and ride sick!”.

We have a great time working with these guys and if you are on the central coast, stop by, hangout, and don't forget to check out their Rusty Surfboards Inventory.

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